Work of Art


I was talking to a friend of mine today and I consider him to have a much more exciting life than me. He had just finished telling me about Ann Miller throwing out the first pitch of the season at his little league game (see!), well he reminded me that I hadn't posted on my blog about being in the New Yorker. It is a big deal...but so was Ann Miller! Now, I had NO idea this life event was going to happen and was totally flattered that it did.

The closing night party at TCMFF is a fun....cluster eff. Unlike the opening night party, which NOT everyone can attend, this one is a free for all. I like it because sometimes I don't see some of my friends for the entire four days because we like different movies and therefore are at different theaters the whole time. One of my friends who falls in that category is named Zillah...if you ever meet her she WILL tell you about the meaning, proper spelling, and pronunciation of her name! I met her at the second festival in 2011 and loved her ever since, mostly because she doesn't suffer fools and has fantastic stories. Here's one: Mama Cass (from The Mamas and The Papas) borrowed her gloves sixty plus years ago and never gave them back. Zillah is still pissed about it! 

Party Pal Alan, Zillah and myself. TCMFF 2015.

Party Pal Alan, Zillah and myself. TCMFF 2015.

So, I found her holding court with two other ladies and I sat down and joined. The ladies were really nice, but let's get real, Z did most of the talking. of those ladies happened to be an artist, Mimi Pond, who works for the New Yorker. 

A month went by, I was lounging around before work and semi-praying to be called off when I see TCM post on Facebook about a piece in the New Yorker. I clicked on it and scrolled through and saw this: 

Freakin' Donat...he stole the Oscar from Gable in 1939....that was some bull.

Freakin' Donat...he stole the Oscar from Gable in 1939....that was some bull.

What?!?!  That's totally me! Then I keep going and this happened: 

WHAT?!?! I kept scrolling and was SO pleased that Z had an entire story in this piece...

I won't ruin it by posting the whole thing, but you need to check it out.

This was the fastest "fifteen minutes of fame" of my life because at two PM I'm super chic and in the New Yorker and less than an hour later I was at work, serving fat buisnessmen steak and helping them inch closer to their impending triple bypasses.

This experience goes to show you, you never know who's watching you... so, make sure you don't look like crap!